Lunch & Learn Events

Join us at our next Lunch & Learn events! Tickets cost from £40 and include networking, a specialist speaker and a healthy lunch.

2020 Vision

Thursday 23 January 2020 12.30 - 14.30, Hotham Road, Putney

How ready are you to take your business into the next decade?

Remember those goals you so carefully set for your business in January 2019? How would you rate yourself out of 10 for achieving them?


Running your own business is great. In charge of your own schedule, answerable to nobody, and living the dream. Right? 

If you are looking to score yourself a 10 in 2020 and beyond, join us at this hands-on workshop where you will learn:

  • How to choose bold long, medium and short term goals which are aligned with your business values.

  • An understanding of how to give yourself the best chance of achieving these goals.

  • How to give your business what it needs without becoming a slave to it and losing your own balance. 

From Chaos to Calm using the KonMari Method

Thursday 13 February 2019 2020 12.30 - 14.30, Hotham Road, Putney

Victoria is one of the first fully certified KonMari consultantsin the UK who trained with Marie Kondo.  During her workshop Victoria will share with you the KonMari method to bring about positive changes to your working and/or home environment.

Victoria's workshop includes:

  • Victoria's journey from chaotic to KonMari Consultant

  • Benefits and positive impact of applying the KonMari method

  • KonMari 101 – guiding you through the basic principals

  • 5 KonMari categories

  • Applying the principals to your home office/work space

  • Diving deeper into the paper category and practical tips

  • Problems you might encounter and how to resolve them

  • How the method can help achieve a work/life integration that “sparks joy”

  • Invaluable resources

Dress for Success

Thursday 12 March 2020 12.30 - 14.30, Hotham Road, Putney

Susan, writer, trend forecaster and stylist with an MA in fashion history and culture from the London College of Fashion and is coming to share with us how to Dress for Success.

1.    A brief history of power dressing 

2.    Reasons for dressing smartly

3.    Appropriate business dress for: interviews, everyday office wear, dress down day and day-to-evening wear

4.    Where to shop, including a range of price points and eco-friendly options

5.    Outfit and styling suggestions

6.    Websites and social media suggestions to follow

7.    Your business dress questions answered

How to add the WOW Factor to your Promotional Images

Date to be confirmed Spring 2020 12.30 - 14.30, Hotham Road, Putney

This is a super interactive session run by talented local photographer Jane Cox.  You are welcome to bring along your cameras too to work out what all the buttons do  Your holidays snaps will benefit enormously too!

There will also be ongoing support with a private whatsapp group after the session

During this hands-on workshop will learn:


  • What makes a good image for your social media and website

  • How to take creative control of your camera/camera phone

  • A few general principles of photography which will make your images sing

  • Tips on how to download/store/backup & share your images for business use.

  • Options on how to present your images in different formats to engage your clients