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Past events

Styling Yourself For Success

March 2020

Would your office, home office or home benefit from a bit of calm?

Susan opened with opening story all about a young girl at uni going for her first interview and her choice of interview outfit. You might be able to guess who that young girl was ...


Susan took us through the history of power dressing, her talk included dressing for different occasions, creating your own signature look, outfit and styling suggestions. Her talk included where to shop including a range of price points and eco-friendly options.

As well as a brilliant talk, Susan also secured some special discounts exclusively for attendees from a couple of designers specialising in women’s clothing.

Susan standing up and speaking.jpg

From Chaos to Calm

February 2020

Would your office, home office or home benefit from a bit of calm?

Victoria is one of the first fully certified KonMari consultantsin the UK who trained with Marie Kondo.  During her workshop Victoria shared with us the KonMari methods to bring about positive changes to your working and/or home environment.

Victoria's workshop included:

  • Victoria's journey from chaotic to KonMari Consultant

  • Benefits and positive impact of applying the KonMari method

  • KonMari 101 – guiding you through the basic principals

  • 5 KonMari categories

  • Applying the principals to your home office/work space

  • Diving deeper into the paper category and practical tips

  • Problems you might encounter and how to resolve them

  • How the method can help achieve a work/life integration that “sparks joy”

  • Invaluable resources


2020 Vision

January 2020

How ready are you to take your business into the next decade?

Remember those goals you so carefully set for your business in January 2019? How would you rate yourself out of 10 for achieving them?


Running your own business is great. In charge of your own schedule, answerable to nobody, and living the dream. Right? 

This hands-on workshop set us up to being well on the way to scoring a10 in 2020 and beyond, where we dug deep into our goals and covered:

  • How to choose bold long, medium and short term goals which are aligned with your business values.

  • An understanding of how to give yourself the best chance of achieving these goals.

  • How to give your business what it needs without becoming a slave to it and losing your own balance. 


Christmas Networking Party with The Sheen Network at Metro Bank Putney

December 2019

London Small Biz Network hosted their first Christmas Networking Party with The Sheen Network

We had over 40 entrepreneurs and local businesses join us on a Tuesday evening in December.  The theme was Celebration and it was so inspiring to hear what everyone was celebrating.  Another packed meeting hosted by Metro Bank Putney complete with wine and nibbles and champagne and chocolates in the raffle. it was lovely to celebrate not only the end of 2019 but the end of the decade with guests from The Sheen Network.  

TSN Dec19-040.jpg

5 Ways to Sell Your Products on Instagram

November 2019

Following Alex's sell out Instagram session in June it was a pleasure for Alex to return this time as the A-Team with Pollyanna, who probably holds the world record for most cups of coffee consumed in a day, to share with us 5 Ways to Sell your Products on Instagram.


How many times does someone say 'have you seen this?' and you go to Instagram to check out their page? Instagram is the new Argos catalogue and people are saving their favourite items, following brands, and adding items to their basket more than ever.


During this power lunch hour, we learnt how to:

- Create content for Instagram that your target audience loves

- Increase your website traffic like crazy with wicked calls to action

- Help your target audience go from casual browser to buyer 


Instagram is your shop front to the world, so make sure it looks the business and leads through to a site that is easy to use!

SOLD OUT LSBN 5 Ways to Sell Your Produc

1/2 Day Workshop: How to Create a Social Media Strategy for Your Business

October 2019

Following Beth's sell out Social Media Lunch & Learn in February 2019 we had demand to run an intimate 1/2 day workshop.

The workshop included

  • How much and what to post

  • Optimum time to post

  • Customer Avatars

  • What platforms suit your business

  • How to create and implement a sustainable social media marketing strategy


How to Get your Name into Print

September 2019

It can be a challenge to understand what is best for your business if you want to get into print ... would and article or advert best suit your business.  Pippa explained her journey and how she went from Editorial Assistant to Editor which means she really understands how the press works.

Pippa's talk covered

  • Print and the options out there and which type of publication is best for your business and why

  • How things have changed in the publishing industry

  • How to write an article

  • Advertising – a different way to get your message across, Where to advertise and what to include in an advert

  • Articles or advertising – which is better?

LSBN How to get your name into Print Fly

Summer Networking Party with The Sheen Network

July 2019

London Small Biz Network hosted their first Summer Networking Party with The Sheen Network

It was a packed meeting on one of the hottest nights of the year to celebrate the summer in the garden at The Hare and Hounds, complete with Pimms and sunflowers & champagne in the raffle. We were so pleased to be joined by guests from The Sheen Network.  

It was a great opportnity to meet plenty of new faces and make new connections in a relaxed, fun and friendly environment and even better that the weather meant we were outside!

summer party.jpg

Podcast Workshop - Peter Roach

June 2019

Following Peter's sell out iPhone Film Masterclass in February we are honoured Peter is returning to run an interactive Podcast workshop which will include What makes podcasts distinct from radio programmes, What content works and what doesn’t in a podcast, What equipment you need to record a podcast, How to to plan and produce a podcast and How to grow your audience. Peter will touch on the sound mix and editing but this is a large subject area on its own. 


iPhone Film Making Masterclass - Peter Roach

June 2019, 18.30 - 20.30,

Sheridan & Co, 10-12 Blandford Street, London, W1U 4AZ

Masterclass SOLD OUT!!


This masterclass is run by Peter Roach who not only worked for the BBC as a TV News Camerman but is also a corporate film maker who has filmed on location all over the world as well as filming TOWIE in Marbs! Every website uses video. How do you film something that looks and sounds great but doesn't cost the earth? 

In this masterclass you will be taught how to use the amazing camera in your smart phone to create short films. This fun and practical workshop will show you how to shoot amazing content quickly and easily. The iPhone Masterclass will include:


Ways to Optimise your Instagram Profile

June 2019

Tackling Instagram can feel like quite a mountain to climb and it’s easy to get lost in the detail. With this talk we’ll take a moment to step back and re-look at what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.  

Points Alex will cover:

  • Researching your market, community and your competitors - check over what they’re doing and how they’re saying it.

  • Building up a library of useful keywords and phrases to use at different times on different subjects.

  • Thinking about who your customers are and how you can create posts that will interest them and encourage them to visit your website, buy your product, or just remember that you’re out there!


Time to get your Customer Experience into Shape

May 2019

"Did you know that it costs five times as much to attract a new customer, than to keep an existing one? The first rule of any business is to retain customers and build a loyal relationship with them, and thereby avoid customer acquisition costs. It’s a well-established fact that 44% of companies have a greater focus on customer acquisition vs. 18% that focus on retention."

Following her 2018 session on Buyer Persona, Floriane Ma came back to talk to us about how to maximise your customer relationship. You've signed up new customers, now it's not only time to deliver, but time to impress them with a 5 Star Customer Experience. In this hands-on session, we heard about best practices on how to build the best customer experience, and how to apply it to your own business.

Customer retention.jpeg

How To Create a Social Media Strategy For Your Business

March 2019

Beth Howe, a qualified Digital Mum and Journalist spent time with us helping to break down Social Media Marketing for Business. The session gave key insights in to:


  • Which platforms may best suit your business

  • How much and what to post

  • How to create and implement an actionable social media marketing strategy for your own business

Digital Beth - Mar 2019.jpg

The Experience Business

February 2019

Serial entrepreneur James Sinclair shared his top tips on The Experience Business with London Small Biz Network.


His talk covered why price-focused businesses fail and what winners do instead.


How is it that some companies seem to be able to charge sky-high prices and "get away with it" while their competitors struggle to get customers at any price and often end up discounting their way out of profitability and business?  The answer lies in The Experience Business.

James Sinclair - The Experience Bus - Fe

iPhone Film Making Masterclass - Peter Roach

February 2019

Interactive iPhone Filming Masterclass. Peter has not only worked for the BBC as a TV News Cameraman but is also a corporate film maker and has also filmed TOWIE in Marbella.


The masterclass included the art of making a professional looking promotional phone using an iPhone.  We learnt how to use the amazing camera in our smart phones to create short film and how to shoot great content quickly and easily.

Peter Roach - Feb 2019.jpg

Making it happen in 2019 - Inma Goodhew

January 2019

Inma Goodhew is a business consultant helping small businesses set up the right systems to become more productive and efficient. This initial talk of 2019 was all about how to create your life and business vision board for a very successful year ahead. 

Inma Goodhew - Jan 2019.jpg

Daniel Doherty runs 4 local Facebook groups with over 8,000 members to help people make friends in Putney and has organised 650+ events in SW15. Daniel was 1 of the 150 people selected to attend the Facebook Communities Summit in February 2018 and is the Volunteer Lead for Facebook Communities Leadership Circles London, bringing Facebook admins together in London. This session covered tip on how your business can use its Facebook page to look its best online and optimise customer contact as well as how to reach more people locally. 


Facebook Masterclass - Daniel Doherty

November 2018

How to grow - 8 top tips from an entrepreneur - Ed Pearson

October 2018

Having run his own businesses in the past, Ed is vastly experienced and unlike many ‘business coaches’, he’s actually been there and done it dealing with staff, cashflow and business management. Now in his capacity of Head of Member Growth for the Entrepreneurs Network, Ed came to share with with us how to grow your business with 8 rules for business success. 

Ed Pearson L.jpg

From Burnout to Balance - Sarah Sparks

September 2018

Sarah Sparks is an award winning public speaker, executive coach, author and trainer whom shares the latest thinking & research into stress and burnout prevention. At this session Sarah shared with us practical tips and techniques that will immediately change your current situation so you have more success in your career, relationships, health and wellbeing. More success without the stress.

Sarah Sparks Thriving Savvy Red on Chair

Grow your business to have it work for you - Susan Jackson Cousin

June 2018

Susan is a business growth specialist who works with business owners in small/medium size businesses to help them achieve from their business (and their life) what they set out to do. Susan talked us though the corner stones to ensure control in your business, 5 ways to increase your profits and how to build a business so it can work without you.

Susan Jackson Couins headshot.jpg

More examples of past events

GDPR Workshop

Speaker: Jane Whitgift

Date: May 2018

GDPR workshop.jpg

What's your brand personality and why it matters

Speaker: Lynne Stainthorpe

Date: January 2018


Where's Your Head At?

Speaker: Hannah Manthorpe

Date: June 2017

Where's your head at- (1).png

Bringing your bus/product to life through photography

Speaker: Annesa Dawoojee

Date: April 2018

Aneesa Dawoojee Photography.jpg

Build your brand with Instagram

Speaker: Nicola King

Date: September 2017

Nicola King - Instagramjpg.jpg

Intro to PR

Speaker: Sally Keeble,

Mercer Keeble PR

Date: September 2016

Mercer Keeble PR.jpeg

Social Media: online marketing for brands of the future

Speaker: Minty Sheridan

Date: March 2018

Social Media: online marketing for brands of the future

Speaker: Minty Sheridan

Date: March 2018

Minty 3.jpg

Chilblains & Cold Coffee: The glamorous life of a blogger

Speaker: Hannah - HoF Sisters

Date: June 2017


How to get published with local press

Speaker: Kate Miranda,

Time & Leisure

Date: March 2016

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