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Launching Transition Peak and how LSBN has helped - Charlie Billington

As an early Putney Mumpreneur member I was very honoured when Emily asked me to write a blog for the group.

I was originally asked by Emily if I would like to join the group shortly after moving to the Putney/Wimbledon area and I was immediately welcomed warmly into the group. Being part of a group or network it has been documented adds to purpose, self-esteem, confidence and a feeling of belonging and I can contest that being a member of the group has assisted with all of these and more.

Over the three years that I have been a member I have heard from so many experts. I have learnt and taken away amazing tips on marketing – PR – social media – health and business and more. I have had the opportunity to hear some fantastic speakers, to make some brilliant contacts and connections and I have also spoken myself.

Having worked independently as a Career Coach for the last eight years and prior to that within Career Coaching in the corporate world, it is now time to expand my sights and horizons. I have just launched a new company called Transition Peak. Set up by myself and my business partner Linda Ghusayni. We originally spent eight months researching a different idea but sadly had to make the difficult decision after a great deal of work and research that this business plan was not going to work. A few months later at a social event we decided to give it another go with a new idea. From this moment, we have not looked back.

Transition Peak is an on-line Career Coaching and training portal that assists individuals and corporates at a time of transition. Whether you are making people redundant or being made redundant, looking for a change or going back to work after a break. The platform offers 8 modules that can be taken independently or as part of a package and can assist you at a time of transition. Each module has a detailed document, checklist and video.

If you are looking to feel clear, in control and for a process and a plan Transition Peak can help.

We are passionate about helping others to be the best that they can be at work and we believe that when people are on the correct path they are capable of great things.

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